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Against your better judgment you have found yourself browsing our page of random inspirations. This is where we will be posting our personal inspirations, from design, to books, to music. Enjoy viewing all the randomness that we dearly love!


Paul Sahre: A Designer and His Problems

For those of us who couldn't attend.

Paul Sahre: A Designer And His Problems
from AIGA/NY on Vimeo.

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Using NASA imagery insight at BCA

If you are curious about "The Skinny on using NASA Images", check out the recent post by the guys over at BCA. They did some great research!

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Join the Book Cover Designers Twibe.

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Hard Format Album Cover Blog

iTunes is great, but I still buy a hard copy of most albums, because I can’t do without the killer packaging. Here is a blog that celebrates just that. Thanks to the guys at Invisible Creature for the heads up.

Link to : Hard Format

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FaceOut Books contributor, Tom Muller talks about Comic Book Tattoo design at Newsarama?

Link to : Tom Muller talks about Comic Book Tattoo design.

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/ (1 of 1)

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Seattle ComiCon

This last weeked I went up to Seattle for the Emerald City ComiCon. This
was my second year to attend. It was much bigger this year than last. They had a great guest list. I was able to get a couple of commisions from
some of my favorite comic artists. I got an acrylic Wolverine painting by the amazing Clayton Crain. If you don’t know Clayton, check him out. He does his comics, currently X-Force, all on the computer using Photoshop and the Cintiq monitor. Check out this time-lapse video on Youtube of him doing a Ghost Rider illustration.

I also was able to get a Batman from Tim Sale. In addition to comics Tim does the illustrations for the tv show Heroes. I’ve tried numerous times to get a sketch from Tim, but was always a few minutes too late. His schedule for con sketches literally fills up minutes after the doors open. He does his sketches in around 10 minutes. He spent closer to 15 on mine. I’m really happy with it and am in the process of framing it up. Check out the video below of Tim finishing up my sketch.

Seattle is a great town and the Emerald City ComiCon is on of the best comic book conventions I’ve been too. If you get a chance to go to one in the future I highly recommend it. It was a great time.

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The Work of Paul Rand.

I've been a sucker for Rand's work recently. Each of his pieces still have a fresh appeal about them. Rand's site is also beautifully designed and compiled.

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design by Jacob Covey

design by Tom Muller

Jacob Covey and Tom Muller nominated for Eisner Awards.

FaceOut Books featured designers Jacob Covey and Tom Muller were both nominated for Eisner Awards, both in the category of Best Publication Design. Tom Muller was nominated for his design of Comic Book Tattoo by Image. Jacob Covey was nominated for his design of Willie and Joe by Fantagraphics Books. Congratulations guys. Beautiful work.

See more about Tom's design process on Comic Book Tattoo here.

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Always inspiring. All the time.

If you’re a designer, or know designers, you know what “hitting the wall” means. It means your Creative has run dry, and is in dire need of inspiration.

Well, the problem of instantly reviving your creativity has been solved, thanks to Ben Pieratt and Eric Jacobsen, who’ve created an entire world of inspiration at the Book Cover Archive. Featuring covers from both lauded and relatively unkown designers, you can usually find something inspiring right away.

Link to : The Book Cover Archive

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Wilhelm Staehle...deranged genius?

“Wilhelm Staehle is a horribly disfigured gentleman who often frightens small children when he emerges from the seclusion of his sprawling estate on the eastern coast of the America’s...”

There’s something to be said for playing around at work; especially when the results turn out this good. Wilhelm Staehle is the creation of Will Staehle, a southern-California-based designer, and recently Art Director for HarperCollins.

While Will Staehle seems like your normal, everyday, overly-talented designer, it would seem he uses his alter ego as an outlet for those dark thoughts one hopes no one else ever hears. And he presents these ideas in a way that’s impossible not to like.

The illustrations themselves appear innocent on the surface, channeling some sort of victorian/scrapbooking matchup. But it’s the subtle commentaries straight from the deranged brain of Wilhelm himself that adds the irreverent, sparkling wit to each composition.

What’s notable about what Will Staehle has done (apart from creating some beautiful pieces of art) is that he’s found the perfect outlet for his own brand of humor, and turned it into a way to promote his personality. Viewing these compositions, I wish not only that I had done them, but hope that someday I’m able to get a burger with the man behind them. And did I mention you can buy these? Please, sign me up.

Link to : Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

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