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The goal of this site is to profile great book designers — their process and the work itself. Whether you are a fellow designer, a publisher, an author, a student or simply enjoy peeking into the mind of other creatives, we hope you enjoy this site.

Faceout Studio acknowledges that all the cover design work and related copyrights presented herein belong to the respective designer or publisher. While this site is curated
by Faceout Studio, we will not feature our own work on this site. 

To visit past features, please visit www.faceoutbooksarchive.com. This older site
includes 100 archived features. All future posts will be presented on this new site.

About Faceout Studio
Faceout Studio is a market leading firm specializing in book design with offices in Oregon and California. Over the years, Faceout Studio’s work has been recognized by Communication Arts, the AIGA, the AUP, ECPA, the IBPA, Print magazine, Eye magazine, the New York Book Show, Graphis and the American Advertising Federation. Faceout’s work has been published in various books, most recently from Rockport, Harper Collins and Springer. Faceout has spoken at various events hosted by the AIGA, AAUP, ECPA, the Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau and the Taipei Book Fair Foundation. To contact our studio, please send your e-mail to info@faceoutstudio.com To learn more, visit www.faceoutstudio.com.

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